How to Pop out Twitch Chat? [Latest Tech Guide 2023]

How to pop out Twitch chat
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Do you know- how to pop out Twitch chat? If you are a gamer and have chosen Twitch as your streaming platform. You may find it hard to read the chat and the stream in general. Therefore, you should interact with your viewers to entertain them and create a social atmosphere in your stream. It allows you to communicate in real-time and ask questions to the streamer or interact with him during the game.

To interact, you have to read the chat, and when you broadcast, you need a better way to read so you can do both easily. If you want your fans and your community to stick with you, you have to interact and read their chats. If you’re wondering how to do that, the good news is that you can do it, but the bad news is that you may have to invest to make it happen. But before you invest money, try doing it without investing by following these simple and best methods to pop out Twitch chat.

A Short Brief about Twitch:

Twitch is a web address that offers a live video streaming service that has gained popularity thanks to this feature. It allows you to chat in real-time and ask questions to the streamer or interact with him during the game. In the Twitch chat window, people often ask the following questions: how to pop out Twitch chat?

Twitch has a built-in chat function, and this chat window appears when the streamer is broadcasting its content. You will see a list of viewers that includes the streamer, moderators, yourself, and other users who are logged into the chat. This chat window is often referred to as a live chat window, as you are chatting with other users while the streamer is broadcasting their content.

A user may want to disable Twitch chat for a number of reasons. This may be because the chat window is distracting when trying to concentrate on the content. It may also be because the user just wants to chat instead of watching the video. Sometimes the streamer wants to switch between windows and comments, in which case they want to remove the Twitch chat.

Whatever the reason you need to remove Twitch chat from your environment, the process is simple. In this article, you will find step-by-step instructions on how to disable Twitch chat.

A few months ago, the process of opening a chat window was a bit different and more complex: you had to copy and paste an iframe into the body of the HTML. You then had to save this HTML on your local system and click on it when you wanted to open the chat window. This method is obsolete and no longer works. The chat feature is also useful for the streamer itself, as you can chat on a separate screen, which is very useful when you need to read and/or interact with the chat without having to blink every time a message comes in.

How to pop out Twitch chat: The Best 6 Steps

This process is now quite simple compared to the old processes. The Twitch chat window now has a ready-made option offered by Twitch to exit the chat window. With this option, you can open a new chat window with a single click without using the old HTML file. Below is a detailed description of how to exit the chat window. Note that this feature is only available when you are live. If you are not logged into Twitch, it is not possible to immediately exit the Twitch chat window unless you are live.

  1. Log in to Twitch with your username and password.
  2. Search for the channel you are following or switch to the channel of your choice from the category area.
  3. Once you have entered the channel page, click on the “Chat Settings” section at the bottom right of the page.
  4. After clicking on the Settings section, click on the small pop-up option in the list of options such as Show Timestamp, Readable Colors, Hide Chat. Select “Pop-up chat” from the list of options.
  5. Clicking the pop-up chat button opens a new window with a chat screen. This window is used for chat only. You will need to switch between tabs to see the live stream of the channel you are following.
  6. If you wish to return to the broadcast window screen, simply close the tab. This will take you back to the channel you are following.

5 Alternative ways: How to pop out Twitch chat?

Therefore, if you are willing to invest in two monitors, you can use this alternative method. Follow the steps below to display a Twitch chat popup on the other monitor.

1. Log in to your Twitch account through the system.

  1. Click on your user name and open the drop-down menu. Select “Channel” from the menu.
  2. Click on “Share” and then copy the “Embed Chat” code of the channel in question.
  3. Paste this code into Notepad with another screen and save it with an HTML extension. For example, save it as “demo.html”.
  4. Now open the demo folder of the stream or embed code you saved.
  5. It will open in your browser and you will now be able to watch your streaming chat.

This allows you to transmit from one system and read the chat from another.


How can I open a Twitch chat without being live?

You cannot open the chat window if the channel is not live. The option to open the chat window will only appear when the channel is live and people are commenting.

How do I open my Twitch chat room?

The chat settings will automatically put you in moderator mode. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, there should be a link that takes you to the non-moderator settings. In the non-moderator settings, there is an option to display the chat in a separate window.

How can I open a chat room when it is not live?

The chat window cannot be opened when the channel is not live. Participants’ comments are displayed in the chat window only during live broadcasting.

Is there an easier way to exit the chat window?

The Twitch chat window now has an option prepared and offered by Twitch to exit the chat window.

Is it worth showing Twitch chat in the overlay?

Whether Twitch chat is displayed in the overlay should depend on your content. If it doesn’t affect the value of your stream, feel free to add it. However, if it obscures the game or makes everything on the screen much smaller, you should

Can I chat privately on Twitch?

The whisper function allows you to chat privately with other users in a chat room. In order to receive your messages, the other user must have the whisper function activated. You can also receive messages only from friends. There is currently no private streaming feature on Twitch.


Reading the Twitch chat during the broadcast is very important if you want to increase the engagement of your broadcast.

If you have a microphone, respond to your audience in the chat room to show that you are interested in them. If your audience is chatting and you don’t respond, they may think you are being rude and leave.

Secondly, responding to Twitch chat also encourages viewers to chat on your stream. Finally, it increases viewer engagement.

Using the pop-up feature in Twitch is a great way to organize everything you need while streaming or chatting. There are many options that can enhance your streaming experience. Hopefully, you’ve managed to skip the chat window. The best thing about Twitch is that you can also donate money through the chat to support a Twitch streamer. Your donation will help them to keep streaming daily for you, in the form of a standing order. So don’t hesitate to make an extra donation to support the Twitch community.