How to Delete Kik Account? [Latest and Best Tech Tips 2023]

How to Delete Kik Account
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Do you know how to delete Kik account? Here we are describing it in detail so that you can delete Kik account properly by following this full and updated guide of 2023.

Kik is a very popular instant messaging platform among teenagers and young adults around the world. It is available on the two most popular mobile platforms, Android and iOS. Users can send messages, photos, gifs, emojis, and videos to other users individually or even to a group of people. Kik is known for preserving the anonymity of its users, who can sign up without providing a valid phone number or email address. This anonymity feature has attracted many people to this platform. Your username is your primary identity on Kik, and details such as your email address or phone number are not published on the app. To add someone and communicate with them, all you need to know is the other person’s username, and that’s it.

Currently, there are many messaging apps on the market that offer better features and security than Kik. With this in mind, it may be time to say goodbye to Kik. In this article, we will explain how you can permanently delete your Kik account.

This article will also help you deactivate your Kik account if you just want to take a break and come back later.

A brief history on Kik

Kik Messenger, commonly known as Kik, is a free mobile instant messaging application from the Canadian company Kik Interactive, available for free on iOS and Android operating systems. It uses a smartphone or Wi-Fi data plan to send and receive messages, photos, videos, thumbnails, mobile web pages, and other content once the user has registered a username. Kik is known for its features that preserve users’ anonymity, such as the ability to log in without having to provide a valid phone number or email address. However, the app does not use end-to-end encryption and the company also logs users’ IP addresses, which can be used to determine the user’s provider and approximate location. This information, along with “recorded” conversations, is routinely shared at the request of law enforcement, sometimes without a warrant.

Kik was originally designed as a music-sharing app and then branched out into messaging by briefly allowing users to send a limited number of SMS messages directly from the app. Within the first 15 days of Kik’s relaunch as a messaging app, more than one million accounts were created. In May 2016, Kik Messenger announced that it had about 300 million registered users and was used by about 40% of teenagers in the United States.

How to delete Kik account of someone who is died?

Many people ask how to delete Kik account of anyone who has passed away already. In this case, One of the first steps in the probate process is to determine what websites your loved one has accounts on. If your loved one had a Kik account but has passed away, you can request that the account be deleted so that no one will try to contact him or her.

Kik has procedures in place to delete the accounts of minors so that they can be used by someone other than the account holder if requested. Deleting your accounts, including social networking accounts, is an important part of the post-catastrophe checklist. This not only protects your identity but also prevents your accounts from falling into the wrong hands.

How to delete Kik account permanently?

The permanent removal process in Kik is very simple. All it takes is a few clicks and a confirmation email. This confirmation is the last step, so the process is not complicated. Here’s an easy way to delete Kik account.

Why should you delete Kik account? Whether you want to include something in your will as part of your digital legacy or you’re simply trying to keep track of your social media accounts, it’s important to keep track of your digital information. To include your accounts (like Kik) in your last will and estate plan, create a legal will in minutes with Trust & Will. Being prepared is the best way to protect yourself and your accounts.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your username and the e-mail address associated with your account.
  3. Select the reason you left Kik from the drop-down menu.
  4. Then check the box “I understand that I am permanently deleting my account and will not be able to log back in or restore it”.
  5. Click on the button “Go!
  6. You will receive a confirmation email from Kik. Open the email and click the permanently deactivate button.

How to deactivate Kik account temporarily?

There is a difference between deactivating and deleting Kik account. Kik is known for temporary deactivation and permanent deactivation. Temporary deactivation means that you will temporarily stop receiving messages and emails from Kik, your username will no longer be searchable and your name will be removed from your contact lists. However, you can restore your account when as you wish by logging in again. To deactivate or permanently delete Kik account, visit the Kik website on your phone or computer. On your phone, you can access the corresponding web page by using the help section of the application and typing “delete account” in the search bar.

  • Go to in your web browser. Kik has its own web page that you go to when you delete your account. Therefore, you need to use a web browser, not an application.
  • Enter the email address associated with your Kik account. You will see a box that says “We’re sorry to see you go! ” If you need to change the email address for your Kik account, you can go to settings and add a new address.
  • Click the “Go ahead!” button. A message will be sent to your e-mail address.
  • Open a Kik message. The subject line tells you that your account has been temporarily deactivated.
  • Click Deactivate. Your account will be deactivated and a survey will open asking you why you want to deactivate it. The survey is optional, so you do not have to answer it.
  • You will no longer receive messages or emails from Kik.
  • Your username is not visible on Kik.
  • Your name will be removed from your friends’ contact list.
  • When you are ready to reactivate, just log back into Kik Messenger.
  • Deactivating your Kik account does not automatically remove the application from your phone.
Why should you delete Kik account?

There are several reasons for deleting a Kik account:

  • Exploitation and online threats. Child exploitation is a problem with any application that allows people to remain relatively anonymous. Kik is no exception. Investigators have also had trouble obtaining data from the company to investigate these cases. However, the company has introduced stricter measures to combat these threats.
  • No parental supervision. Teens can easily use Kik without parental involvement. Although minors must obtain parental permission to use the app, they can easily bypass it by entering a fake date of birth.
  • Low privacy. Kik does not have end-to-end encryption, so service providers can see all your messages or share them with third parties if they want to. The company can also see your IP address and know your location. The lack of encryption also makes it easy for cybercriminals to intercept users’ messages.
  • Users cannot verify their identities. Users can register on Kik without a valid email address or phone number, making it very difficult to verify a person’s identity. This creates a lack of accountability and transparency among users and can lead to fraud, exploitation, and cyberbullying.
  • Lack of transparency. Kik is not truly transparent because its code is not open to independent review. The design is also not properly documented and independent audits have not been performed.
  • There are many secure messaging applications. For more information, see our list of secure messaging applications.
How can you uninstall Kik from my Android or iOS app?

Kik does not give you the option to delete or deactivate your account on your Android or iOS mobile app. To delete Kik account, you have to go to their website at this link and fill out a form. However, you can access the website from your cell phone using any web browser. The procedure is the same, so follow the same steps as on a desktop browser.

Important things to know about Kik:
  • It is important for a person to know the e-mail address used when registering.
  • You must fill in the data correctly when deleting.
  • If a part is found to be non-compliant, it cannot be removed or deactivated by the user.

It is recommended to make sure whether you want to delete it or not. If you want to pause it, just deactivate it or delete the application. By deactivating it, your account will be deleted and no one will be able to send your message until you activate it.

However, when deleting your account, make sure you know the email address you used to register and that the permanent deactivation page asks for the correct information. A link will be sent to the registered email address to permanently deactivate the account. Shortly after clicking on the link, you can delete it.

It is also important to know that it may take a few days to delete a message sent to your list.

Delete Kik Account: What you need to know?

  • It is important for a person to know the e-mail address used when registering.
  • You must fill in the data correctly when deleting.
  • If a part is found to be non-compliant, it cannot be removed or deactivated by the user.

It is recommended to make sure whether you want to delete it or not. If you want to pause it, just deactivate it or delete the application. By deactivating it, your account will be deleted and no one will be able to send your message until you activate it.

However, after uninstallation, you will no longer be able to access what was previously available in your account. Even if you uninstall the application, other people can still send you messages, and if you install the application, you can receive them all.

Kik simplifies the dismissal process

  • Make sure you remember the e-mail address you used to register for the service.
  • Enter the correct data on the web page to permanently deactivate Kik.
  • Kik will send you an email with a link to permanently deactivate your account.
  • If you or someone you know has been browsing or messaging on your account, your profile will be cached on their device. It may take a few days before it disappears from their device.
  • Anyone else searching for your username will not find you.
  • Uninstall the application from your phone like any other application.


How can I delete my Kik account without email?

You cannot delete your Kik account if you do not have access to the email address you used to create your account or your username. In this case, if you want to delete your account but have forgotten your email address or your Kik username, you can contact the Kik Help Center.

Does Kik delete inactive accounts?

Kik does not have an “inactive” account policy and does not automatically delete user accounts. If an error message appears when searching for a phone number stating that the number is disabled, it means that the application has been deleted, the user’s phone is turned off, or the user has closed their account.

If I delete my Kik account, will my messages also be deleted?

Yes, when you delete Kik account, everything is deleted, including your profile, your posts, and your username is no longer searchable. However, you cannot undo this action and you cannot create a new Kik account until it is deleted.

Delete your teenager’s Kik account

Parents can deactivate their teenager’s Kik accounts. If you have access to your child’s email account, you can use Kik’s deactivation website. If you do not know the password for your child’s email account, you can send an email to Kik requesting deactivation. The subject line of the email should include “Parent Request”. A Kik representative will send you a deactivation form to complete and return.

Does deactivating Kik delete conversations?

Deleting the Kik app means that you can no longer send or receive messages on Kik. So if you permanently delete your account, yes, all chat messages on Kik will be deleted. Deactivation means you will no longer be able to send or receive messages on Kik.

Can the police trace the Kik account?

No. You will only receive them from the prosecutor’s office, and only if your Kik texts were involved in a police investigation where the police took your texts directly from Kik by obtaining a warrant and forwarded them to the prosecutor’s office. Otherwise, the police officer has less access to your Kik texts than you do.

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