GTA Punjab for PC Free Download [Best Tech Guide 2023]

GTA Punjab for PC
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Do you know how to download the GTA Punjab for PC? Yes, this process completely free method. Here is the step by step full guide.

GTA Punjab is the best gift for all action game lovers. GTA Punjab is an open-world adventure game set in Punjab.

GTA Punjab is a very clever and entertaining game in which you will have to fight enemies and earn money by completing various tasks. GTA Punjab is free to download on your laptop and PC. GTA Punjab is installed and tested to run 100% on PC and laptops. This is where GTA Punjab free download for PC full version exe installer.

This entertainment has several functions, most of the younger generation spends their time on it. GTA Punjab is becoming very popular in India, especially for the Punjab religion in India.

What is GTA Punjab?

GTA is the most famous game in the world and the most downloaded game. Those who have played all versions of GTA think that it is just like those games, but I tell you that it is completely different from those games. This is a modified game of GTA San Andreas called GTA Punjab. I will tell you what is the best feature of this game that makes it totally different from GTA. First of all, this game is completely indifferent to Punjabi languages and also the buses which are normal in GTA but in GTA Punjab buses are different like traditional Punjabi desi buses which are completely different.

This game is becoming popular because of its geographical area, which delights all lovers of action games Punjab. Another difference of GTA Punjab is the roads. You will not see clean and neat roads like in GTA. The game takes place on the roads and streets of Punjab, which makes it interesting.

Most of the vehicles used in GTA Punjab are local farm vehicles like tractors, trucks, etc. You will see Indian motorcycles and rickshaws. In GTA Punjab, you will play with semitrailers, boats, airplanes, helicopters, and trains. GTA Punjab is a lot of fun because of its graphics and sound effects. The green fields of Punjab have amazing effects. Apart from this, do you want to download CCleaner for android?

In this game, you can wear the clothes of the inhabitants. It is very different when you pass a level of the game and the character is wearing those clothes that look more attractive and pretty. Another thing that makes GTA Punjab stand out is the girls. You will go through the game surrounded by Punjabi girls wearing kurtas and salwar. You will also see the mission title and instructions in Hindi.

In addition, some dialogues are also written in Punjabi style. Punjabis will love this game, as the geography of GTA Amritsar is full of their traditions and desi-style action. You can download GTA Punjab high compression-free for pc.

The mission in GTA Punjab:

The game features new weapons and amazing missions. Missions are very important to progress in GTA Punjab, as completing them unlocks certain cities and content.

You can fight enemies and earn money by completing different missions. You will be able to use new weapons and vehicles and play other fantastic missions.

There are several side quests with which the player can improve his character by completing them and also gain another source of benefits.

Secondary missions such as putting out fires, taking passengers out of cabs, carrying the wounded, stealing, pimping, fighting crime as a vigilante.

The best feature of GTA Punjab for PC:

  1. Totally new territory in Punjab
  2. Gang warfare
  3. Action game
  4. Unlimited game space
  5. Earn unlimited money
  6. Cheat codes are supported
  7. New and latest vehicle models
  8. New cars and motorcycles, helicopters and airplanes.
  9. Ability to swim and climb
  10. Open source game
  11. Minigames
  12. Vehicle modification
System requirements for GTA Punjab on PC:
  • Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Processor Memory: Intel P3 / Intel Celeron 1.2 GHz
  • RAM: 256MB
  • 1.5 GB hard disk
  • Graphics card with Directx v9.0c support
  • Other controls: keyboard and mouse
How to install GTA Punjab for PC or Laptop?
  1. Download the installation file for GTA Punjab for PC using the button below.
  2. Go to the location where you downloaded the game and extract the game using the WinRar archiver.
  3. Now select the path to which you want to extract the game.
  4. You will now see the installation file in the unzipped archive.
  5. Run the installation file on your computer.
  6. Make sure you have the necessary access to your PC/laptop for this game.
  7. You have successfully installed GTA Punjab on your computer. Play and enjoy.
Cheats for GTA Punjab

To make the game a little easier, here are the cheat codes for this game.

  1. 24 hours a day – getting slower and slower
  2. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT – Aggressive pedestrians
  3. NOBODY LIKES – Everybody Kills You
  4. OUR GOVERNMENT – Pedestrians are up in arms
  5. CHICKSWITHGUNS – Fags Carry Guns
  6. CHASESTAT – Displays media level
  7. CANTSEEATHING – Foggy Weather Conditions
  8. CATSANDDOGS – stormy weather
  9. AHAIRDRESSERSCAR – All Cars Turn Pink
  10. IWANTITPAINTEDBLACK – All vehicles turn black
  11. COMEFLYWITHME – Vehicles can fly
  12. GRIPISEVERYTHING – Improving the driving performance of vehicles
  13. GREENLIGHT – all traffic lights will be green.
  14. Inland waterways: vehicles can travel on water
  15. EQUAL WHEELS – only the wheels of the vehicle are visible.
  16. GETTHEREQUICKLY – Bloody Banger Spawns
  17. GETTHEREFAST – brings up Sabre Turbo
  18. GETTHEREYFASTINDEED – produces a hot runner
  19. GETTHEREAMAZINGLYFAST – gives birth to Hotring Racer#2
  20. THE LAST RIDE – produced by Gea Romero
  21. LOOKLIKEHILARY – Play as Hilary King
  22. ROCKANDROLLMAN – He plays Jezz Torrent, a character from Love Fist.
  23. WELOVEOURDICK – play as the character Love Fist Dick
  24. ONEARMEDBANDIT – Play as Phil Cassidy.
  25. IDONTHAVETHEMONEYSONNY – Play as Sonny Forelli.
  26. FOXYLITTLETHING – Playing like Mercedes
  27. PRECIUSSPROTECTION – Complete shielding
  28. FANNYMAGNET – Women Magnet (Women Will Follow You)
  29. YOUWONTTAKEMEALIVE – The Highest Level of Desire
  30. LEAVE ME ALONE – Desired zero level