Discord RTC Connecting: Top 10 Best Methods to Fix the Problem in 2023

Discord RTC Connecting
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Do you know about Discord RTC connecting? Many Discord users aren’t concerned about its functions? In this article, you will get top 10 best methods to fix the problem in 2023.

One of the best features of the Discord application is the ability to connect with other players or streamers through voice and video chats. These real-time connections are not only valuable for your next raid but are also useful for business, networking, and keeping in touch with close friends.

An annoying and limiting problem faced by many Discord users is the Discord RTC Connecting No Route error. This is a voice connection problem that often makes it difficult or impossible to communicate with friends and teammates on the popular VOIP platform.

In this article, we will look at possible solutions if you have connection problems or encounter an RTC error.

What is the Discord RTC connecting?

RTC means Real-Time Chatting on Discord. And Discord RTC connecting means that the device is trying to initiate a voice call. Discord uses real-time chat or WebRTC to establish simultaneous communication.

And Discord blocked on RTC connecting means that there is a network-related problem and therefore the application you are using cannot connect to the voice chat service due to a network problem or an obstacle to establishing the connection.

And the service starts displaying “RTC Connecting” without generating any real progress, forcing you to get stuck in live voice chat.

Why is it called RTC connecting in discord?

Discord uses the WebRTC protocol to work. If you see the message “RTC Connecting”, it means that your Discord cannot connect to this protocol and will not work. This basically means that there is a problem in your network and you need to fix it to be able to connect to their servers.

A big problem for Discord users is the impossibility to overcome the RTC Connecting.

Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to make the problem go away. This guide will show you how to fix Discord RTC connecting. So read on.

Why won’t my Discord call connect?

Change the Discord application’s input mode to voice activity. You may have problems with Discord voice chat if the Discord app’s audio/input mode settings are not configured correctly. Then restart your phone and after restarting, check if the Discord voice chat issue is resolved.

What is the Discord RTC Connecting Error?

If you see Discord RTC Connecting, it usually means that there is a problem preventing the Internet Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) protocol from establishing a connection between you and the Discord servers that allow you to chat live.

Other problems, such as the usual “no path” error, are related to the same problem, as Discord is unable to establish a connection between your computer and its servers. Without a stable connection between Discord and your computer, any attempt to establish a voice or video connection will fail.

Although sometimes the problem can be related to a Discord bug, most users think that the Discord RTC connecting error indicates a local network problem. First, restarting the computer is usually a good first step, as this will force the computer to reconnect to the local network.

Blocked network ports and a corrupted DNS cache can cause Discord voice communication to fail. If restarting your computer does not work and you are sure your Internet connection is stable, you may need to follow these steps to get Discord voice communication working again.

What is the cause of the RTC connecting?

To determine how to fix a blocked Discord RTC connecting, you must first understand why it is happening:

Unstable internet connection: If your Internet connection is not reliable enough, it can cause endless attempts to connect to the RTC.

Dynamic IP: Discord does not work well if your VPN constantly changes your IP address.

VPN without UDP: Discord does not support VPNs that do not have User Datagram Protocol (UDP).

Discord has been quarantined by your antivirus program: It is possible that your antivirus program has detected the Discord file as potentially dangerous and quarantined it, preventing a successful connection.

Server problems: If the server in your region cannot connect, you will not be able to participate in Discord discussions.

Now that we know the cause of the voice connection problem in Discord, let’s see how to fix it.

Why do I get an RTC when I connect to Discord?

The main reason why Discord crashes when connecting to the RTC is an unstable or poor-quality Internet connection. However, there are other reasons why Discord fails to connect, so we will look at some of them below:

  • Due to the network connection or proxy configuration
  • Antivirus software may consider Discord to be malicious software and quarantine it.
  • Dynamic IP is a problem because your VPN may constantly change your access address, in which case Discord will not work properly.
  • Due to server overload issues and inability to connect, as well as Discord being stuck on PSTN connection.
  • If your VPN does not have User Datagram Protocol (UDP), Discord will not support it, which will cause problems.

So here are some of the common causes of Discord voice connection problems, which will also help you learn how to fix Discord connection problems.

Now, follow the above solutions to solve the problem of Discord stuck in RTC Connecting.

How to resolve Discord blocking in “RTC Connecting”?

Resolving a problem with the PSTN is very simple. You can perform a few actions that will guarantee your connection. Soon you will be with your friends. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Check Internet connection
  • Restart your devices
  • Check your VPN
  • Set a different server region in Discord
  • Log out and log in to Discord
  • Discord application update
  • Reinstall the Discord application
  • Disabling QoS (Quality of Service) in Discord
  • Change the audio subsystem in Discord
  • Temporarily disable your antivirus program or your Windows firewall.
  • Updating the network driver
  • Try another browser
  • Change DNS server
  • Clear DNS cache and reset IP address settings.
  • Contact your network administrator
  • Perform an RTC connection test
  • Finding solutions with WebRTC

It may not be necessary to try all the solutions. Just browse the list until Discord makes a successful voice connection. Let’s get started.

A problem sometimes faced by Discord users is a hangup when connecting to an RTC. It makes it impossible to start a discussion and makes you wait for several minutes at a time. The problem is mainly related to the network.

As frustrating as it can be, there are practical solutions to help you cope. In this guide, we have summarized them and hope you find them useful.

How can I change my Discord RTC connecting ?

Discord uses the WebRTC protocol to work. If you see the message “RTC Connecting”, it means that your Discord cannot connect to this protocol and will not work. This basically means that there is a problem in your network and you need to fix it to be able to connect to their servers.

There is no magic solution, but you can try to connect.

Restart all

The quickest, easiest, and often most effective solution is to reboot the entire system. In many cases, this will simply reset the error that caused your Discord connection to fail. First, turn off your computer, router, and modem, if you have one. Wait 30 seconds, turn the router and modem back on, and if everything works, turn the computer back on.

Disabling the antivirus or firewall

If restarting does not solve the problem, check your antivirus program or firewall. Sometimes they can interfere with the operation of Discord. Open the program and look for the “Settings” menu, where you can add certain applications or websites to the security list so that they do not affect Discord.

This depends on the antivirus or firewall you choose. If you don’t see it, try uninstalling the antivirus or firewall completely and restarting the computer. If that works, you can try another antivirus program or visit their own website for help reactivating it without affecting Discord.

Check your VPN

If you are using a VPN, this may prevent Discord from working properly. Discord is compatible with VPNs that use the User Datagram Protocol (UDP). Most gamers prefer UDP VPNs to TCP VPNs because they are much faster. If you don’t know whether your VPN is UDP or TCP, simply type “*VPN-NAME* UDP or TCP” into Google and you will get the answer. If it is TCP, disable it.

Log out and log in to Discord

You can press Ctrl + R to quickly exit Discord and connect to it. Check if the Discord RTC connection error without path is fixed.

If you are facing the problem of no sound in Discord stream, read the 10 solutions in this post to fix no sound error in Discord stream.

Discord app update

Press Windows + R, type %localappdata%, and press Enter.

Double-click the Discord folder. Click the Update application file to update Discord to the latest version. After that, check if the Discord error blocking RTC connection is fixed.

Reinstall the Discord application

You can also reinstall the Discord application to fix the Discord “RTC disconnected” error.

Press Windows + R, type cpl and press Enter.

Right-click on Discord and select “Delete”.

Open the Discord website to download it to your computer.

Finding solutions with WebRTC

If you are still experiencing Discord RTC connecting error, such as Discord disconnecting via RTC or Discord freezing while connecting, you can visit the official WebRTC site to use the WebRTC troubleshooter to resolve the problem.

Contact your network administrator

Sometimes, Discord can be blocked by an administrator on your network. This does not apply to your home network, but if you are on a public network, such as a company or school, administrators may intentionally block Discord. If this is the case, you will have to find another way to access the Internet.

Change the server language region

If the above measures do not work, a common solution is to change the language region of your server. This can only be done on the server of which you are the administrator.

Start by right-clicking on your server name, selecting Server Configuration, and then Browse.

Disabled quality of service 

Discord has a feature that allows you to make Discord a priority for your router. While this should help, some users have found that it causes problems with the RTC connection. So go to the user settings (click on the gear next to your name), then to the application settings, under Language and Video.


Discord is a popular VoIP platform that allows you to spend quality time with your loved ones. It is a great communication tool for your close friends, gaming buddies, or even your school club. You can make video calls, send text messages and communicate by voice. This communication software is the complete package. You can use the web version or download the desktop application on your computer.

Sometimes Discord users encounter a problem when they are unable to connect. The service keeps reporting Discord RTC Connecting without making any real progress, preventing you from participating in a live voice chat.

RTC Connecting means that the platform attempts to initiate a voice call. Discord uses the real-time chat protocol (or WebRTC) to allow simultaneous communication. Therefore, the problem of falling asleep during “RTC Connecting” is network-related.

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